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Our heating and air conditioning company can keep your HVAC unit running smoothly.

Preventive HVAC Maintenance

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Preventive maintenance can save you money

Every appliance in your home needs routine maintenance to continue to work properly. By hiring our team to inspect your HVAC unit every season, you can avoid untimely and costly repairs. We can repair everything, from small coils and belts to larger components.

Learn more about the benefits of our preventive residential and commercial HVAC services by reaching out to one of our mechanical HVAC technicians today.

Turn to a Reputable Company for Reliable HVAC Services

Our HVAC contractor will do what's best for your property in Carencro, Broussard, Lafayette, LA and the Acadiana Area

Your HVAC system controls everything about the air in your home, from the temperature to the air quality. If you have an inefficient system, you can't control those factors properly. You might even notice an increase in your monthly bills or differing temperatures in every room as a result. If your HVAC system is acting up, let Granger A/C take a look. We offer HVAC repair and replacement for any residential or commercial unit in the Carencro, Broussard, Lafayette, LA and Acadiana Area.

Our HVAC contractor can talk about the benefits of a ductless system or just repair your range hoods. Regardless of what you need, you can turn to us for residential and commercial HVAC services. Call 337-365-4357 today to get a free estimate.

Benefits of an HVAC replacement

Purchasing a new HVAC unit may sound like a hassle, but it pays off in a variety of ways. A new HVAC unit can:

Increase your home's return on investment

Reduce your property's environmental footprint

Improve your home's energy efficiency

Increase your overall comfort level

Whether your commercial HVAC system is starting to fail or your temperature keeps fluctuating inside your home, a new HVAC unit is worth the initial investment. Talk to our HVAC contractor about your current unit today. Be sure to call us for any HVAC installation or HVAC repair service that you may need!